How to take back control of your life in 5 simple steps following our guidance.

How to take back control of your life in 5 simple steps following our guidance.


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Nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity
Nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity

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21 Nov 2020

The most relevant issues we face today.

Today I am writing freely about relevant issues we face and which divide us so effectively in society. Needless to say that I am positive in what I will attempt to bring across to the readers that I value.

I will start by mentioning the current divide we have between the haves and have not people. We are so emotionally entangled in this dilemma that it hurts and which is really painful.

Jobs are lost and many are thrown into the streets. However we tend to blame everyone and everything which we also don’t have control over. How we deal with our situations are different and maybe the most critical matter is how we respond.

It’s also difficult to respond to the pain and inferiority it brings. We live in a rapid and instant society and we always wish for quick solutions. This is unfortunately our enemy since we don’t know how to be patient anymore. We like instant food and instant money. There is no 2 minute microwave solution.

Not everyone had the opportunity to learn how to save for something we want and mostly we are impatient. Only the fortunate ones may have been taught the process of patiently saving. Here is my take on saving. We seldom have anything to save and we live hand to mouth. We also don’t care about tomorrow and we will drink away the weekly earnings without fear of what tomorrow may hold.  I myself learned saving very late in my life. This aspect never deserved the attention it required but I was aware of of it. There was also not enough emphasis on this topic from my upbringing or schooling. I guess the benefits were not making sense or the period was always too long for my personal patience. Perhaps you can relate.

The thing is, if you can’t save ten bucks and turn it to a hundred then you will not save a thousand for hundreds of thousands etc. Let that sink in for a moment.

Furthermore the system teaches us to study and find a job. A job is portrayed as the only possible solution to survive and to make a living. You need a business plan and money to startup a business and that it would be successful isn’t guaranteed. Without a job people tend to do crime or do piece work if they can find it.

However the internet has opened up a lot of opportunities and most are still unaware of its potential. With a bit of data it is more possible to make money online than ever before. A lot of scams are also looming to trick you out of your cash so you need to be very careful with which opportunities are legit or not. Where most people have a cellphone the playing field is wide open to the public.

When having the desire and determination there are many ways to get involved. Most people are skeptical and will not risk it either. Reality is that it is possible and many are already successful. I made a choice to pursue this and I am fortunate to have started up my own journey. Patience is key and there’s no getting rich quickly strategies. The potential is beyond my expectations and I will prevail.

On the other hand we experience so much conflict with racism or the land issue at hand. Sadly many will not try it out and many will remain dependent on government grants. However many will be successful long before others since they started earlier. If only this could be taught or discussed openly more awareness could be created. I am sure that a lot of people would take 100 k per month instead of having land to work. This is in my view ultimately the big divide since those who live below the breadline currently will continue doing so out of ignorance that land would turn around their fate. The only other possible idea is not to work the land once they receive it but to sell it for a quick cash price. After the cash is spent then these same people will find themselves back at square one.

Why don’t people instead learn from other in what they do without being jealous or playing the race card. This and especially online money has nothing to do with race but it is open to everyone. If you have a good mentor and the right guidance just be a follower. Do what they do to have what they have and then you will be able to work without any experience online and earn passive income even while you sleep.

Your patience will be tested to the limit of giving up but every person can make it. This form of income isn’t discriminating but it wants you to start and never give up in what you believe in.

What is creating all the pain in the end is the fact that the broken still resist to grab life changing opportunities while others turn out to be making great success. These choices will haunt anyone who still believe in hand outs and dependencies. They will choose to remain ignorant that online success is possible and can provide more than a job or employer can. Soon people will wake up and find themselves the only ones still working shifts for peanuts while others will be living on their own terms and do what they like and love. Perhaps consider not to chase an elusive agenda which politicians wants you to believe. The so called revolution has evaded many before you for decades and it won’t come in the next decade either. Only you can change your destiny.

If you want to grab an opportunity it is possible with even a small startup fee you need to set aside and you can enter this massive market which are open to everyone. It is as simple as contacting us for free guidance on where and how to get started. Set aside your fears and be who you want to be. Act today.

Be blessed.


Two secrets to success: Start and don’t quit!
Two secrets to success: Start and don’t quit!

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