How to take back control of your life in 5 simple steps following our guidance.

How to take back control of your life in 5 simple steps following our guidance.


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Two secrets to success: Start and don’t quit!
Two secrets to success: Start and don’t quit!

Who we are

We are ordinary people like you with a vision and passion for success.

Adding value is our thing, and we strive to be Sharing value continuously.

We are nothing more than you and we assure you, we like to be as professional as we possibly can. We are putting our faces to this brand and we are proud of the value and service we offer to engage with ordinary people in a professional way. We are considering every person important and much more when people decide to join our community. Every individual under our umbrella has the equal opportunity to become successful online with us, while our mutual respect and transparency from all our independent members are expected.

We help one another and we are driven by the cool strategies we mutually share within Onlinesuccessme. We love what we do and we respect one another and every effort herein.

No person reaches success alone and none ever became successful without involving their friends and family. We would like to include everyone in our individual dreams we have.

We want to make everyone's journey extraordinary at Onlinesuccesme and if "me" doesn't include you, why should it not?

Have a peek at some of our extraordinary independent partners in our hall of Legends page. We work with anyone and everyone we reach are tomorrow’s winners.

Why you in what we do?

Our invitation,

We invite you today to turn your hopelessness into a great success testimonial for years to come. We are tapped into the best online success stories and strategies that we could find.

Why not join us, start a new journey or stick around to enjoy our value adding Environment, tailor made for You to benefit from.

We believe that we have is what you were looking for all along, and our value adding environment and community will make you feel important and at home. Who knows, you may discover your full potential to pursue at Onlinesuccessme?

We therefore make this pledge to you, that we want to see you successful and we don't wish to leave anyone behind.

At Onlinesuccesme,

We are relationship builders for the long term and our brand promotes our integrity, transparency, care and value wherever we pop up online. All you basically need is a smartphone and internet to stay in touch with us. 

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Johan Bezuidenhout
Johan Bezuidenhout

Who is Johan? 

Greetings to you,

My name is Johan Bezuidenhout, born in ‘75 and I am utmost exited to be your host and provide guidance.

I am a professional by trade in mine-surveying and although I started with no direction after school due to a lack of study funds, that is not where I ended up. I had to buckle up for my own ride.

I started of working as a foreman on a farm and in a bakery before I got an opportunity to work in the mines. My mining career landed me a good opportunity to keep on studying till I finally graduated with an MSc.Eng at one of our local but very well known institutions: University of the Witwatersrand.

Despite being a professional by trade, the important stuff is what we do for each other and what we mean to one another and I love to see people grow, since I grew for years and I am still growing.

We are never too old to learn something and to keep educating ourselves is very important. Note by education it doesn't mean having a qualification but it definitely means how we keep on reading and educating ourselves with information to better deal with our worlds. So we can graduate and remain uneducated too. Education is coming from within in what we do.

However, I will happily share my success, value adding stories and strategies with you that you would love. Leave your Contact details for us to connect with you as a follower of Onlinesuccessme. Who knows, maybe your journey will be more than what you have been looking for?

Best wishes


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Remember if you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.

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Johan Bezuidenhout