We are not financial advisors and don't consider this as financial advice. We share our project opportunity like many others in the NFT blockchain and how to acquire and engage in it.

We recommend the following links which we use while you ensure you verify all your wallet accounts according to the supplied instructions of these sites:

Create your own profile on (Marketplace) for NFTs

▶️ Link to our NFTs on Opensea (Own a Mine NFT Collection)

Recommended South African exchange wallets (ZAR to crypto)

▶️  Exchange wallet to buy crypto (VALR recommended for SA)

Ensure you have an NFT wallet (either Metamask or Coinbase)

▶️ Coinbase link to buy crypto

▶️  Binance Crypto portfolio growth

Steps and guidance:

  1. Activate an Exchange wallet from above link provided
  2. Make a Payment EFT from your Bank into your wallet as per wallet reference and bank details provided.
  3. Download Metamask or Coinbase wallet to your phone and activate it. Keep your 12 phrase words safe, not on your phone to always ensure you only have access to this wallet. Without these words in the correct order, there is no other way to access your wallet if you loose your phone etc.
  4. From the Exchange wallet in point 1, buy Polygon (Matic) crypto with your FIAT(ZAR) money.
  5. Click on Polygon to access your unique address for Matic, then withdraw the Polygon from your exchange wallet to your NFT wallet in point 3 using the unique blockchain wallet addresses. Copy the address and past them from wallet to wallet without making any spelling mistakes. Money send over the blockchain incorrectly cannot be reversed.
  6. Once you have Polygon/Matic in your NFT wallet, Register your own profile on using your phone, PC or Laptop and press the wallet icon. Now link your profile with your wallet using your phone to scan your computer screen while your phone can automatically ask if you want to link the wallet. Once linked, the money in your wallet will reflect in the OpenSea platform.
  7. You are all set to buy NFTs.
  8. Sell bought NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace by clicking your NFT in OpenSea and list it for a selling price. Use market related prices of the collection to sell your NFT, don't add ridiculous prices which the community are not willing to pay for your NFT.
Johan Bezuidenhout