Measure your success by your own achievements, not someone else’s.

Measure your success by your own achievements, not someone else’s.


Our NFT collection

Mission statement (NFT project)

Generating consistent funds to support non profitable community initiatives, programs and organisations and bettering many lives throughout.


  1. Introduction to NFTs 
  2. Problem statement 
  3. The authenticity of OSM’s NFTs 
  4. Background idea (Where it started)
  5. The solution 
  6. Roadmap - How will it work?
  7. Links

Introduction to NFTs

Certainly you may have already heard and read about NFT collectibles. It’s non fungible tokens and ownership is stored on the blockchain such as Ethereum or Polygon.

The value and certified ownership is stored on several computers around the world. Many NFTs have gained popularity and The Merge by Pak was sold for $91.8 million.

We need to understand that the holder of an NFT with great value is pretty awesome alone. However many people are looking for relatively cheap NFTs to buy and then sell them at profits, which we call “flipping” an NFT.

So platforms like OpenSea are one of several market places where such buy and sell transactions take place. Note that many opportunistic buyers have already made great profits online through flipping NFTs.

However I assume that I have to be careful what to buy if I want to sell my bought NFT at a decent profit. When we study what is in the marketplace I discovered almost anything having great graphics etc. while some appear similar with different names at various prices. The ape collection made my head spin and questioned a lot when I saw what is paid for these NFTs. Perhaps not ridiculous but maybe not everyone’s cup of tea or interest. Scarcity is also a big driver which will make prices rise beyond our imagination.

What would give me assurance to be able to resell it, I asked myself? Perhaps I will never understand these drives and interest of collectors. Nevertheless, I came up with my unique idea for my collection of NFTs for Onlinesuccessme, which should benefit a lot of us going forward.

I tried to anticipate buyer and seller success and where sellers don’t stress about reselling or sitting endlessly with an NFT for months without having the opportunity to be making quicker profits. Note that I didn’t aim for perfection in the Windows Paint platform for my “art” or representation of my NFT collection. In fact it is actually besides the point of concern but all were mostly paint brushed on Paint as NFTs. Ownership is one aspect of NFTs but the next criteria is ultimately the quick reselling ability or turn around time in flipping it at a profit.

Problem statement:

Some critical questions and myself-debate on NFTs:

Every crypto fanatic loves the crypto space and the new dimension which NFTs brought to the crypto world and blockchain. Thus in my view:

We all want our portfolios in crypto to grow. Don't we? Sure,

We want to buy the best hot NFTs and surely we want to sell them at a decent profit. 

So I had to be carefully searching for rare NFTs offered at a good price to be most successful in this NFT space. However,

1) What is the value or future value of my bought NFT, and what exactly determines its value? 

2) Is it only supply and demand plus the exposure, brand and community who are so familiar with it or fame associated with the collection that will drive the price up?

3) Is the selling price really having the value it is sold for, or how do I deal with doubting the value paid for the NFT?

4) How would I know that my transaction in buying an NFT will eventually produce another willing buyer to buy it with a markup value from me? So someone else needs to take interest in my holding NFT, and how could this be speeded up if possible?

5) If there are so many NFTs to choose from, why would anyone buy my specific NFT and not opt for a similar, cheaper one?

6) How do I prevent selling my NFT at a loss?

7) How long will it take before a buyer pitches if I list my NFT for selling it?

The authenticity of Onlinesuccessme's (OSM) NFTs

Studying the marketplace I found it difficult to answer the questions above to get fully involved with NFTs.

I gave it some thought and came up with my own authentic idea on how to deal with the value question and the life of the NFTs on the blockchain. However, my thought process just had to address at least some of the dumb questions I had but ultimately:

  • Creating unique NFTs without copying anyone's concept or idea.
  • Creating NFTs which will mimic a gold rush effect.
  • Creating NFTs with assigned intrinsic value, and not by relying on my hope, the supply and demand, rarity or the authentic art for holding value only. 
  • Creating NFTs not only part of a collection, but part of a unique collective and process.
  • Creating NFTs that will benefit the owners in a way they will buy them over and over again as a result of continuous profits.
  • Creating NFTs that will gain value with every listing, meaning that each follow up listing's price should be guided by the previous listing, accumulating more value every time.
  • Creating NFTs while their value will not flatten out immediately, rather increase in value exponentially and continuously over time. 
  • Creating NFTs which could push one another in price value, working together as a collective and perhaps it's a long shot - not leaving others in the collection behind in value (which obviously cannot be guaranteed but NFTs that may work towards such a goal).
  • Creating NFTs which shouldn't stagnate on the blockchain shelf without having the potential to be flipped or being sold. They shouldn't saturate over a short limited time, and investors shouldn't lose interest.
  • Creating NFTs which create adventure and excitement, unlocking mystery boxes which adds more value to them for having unlockable content.
  • Creating NFTs with a solid roadmap, and a solid future and follow up story or process, a concrete extendable roadmap for the long run to ensure an interesting journey without a dip in success or boredom.

I got very excited with my idea by giving NFTs a totally new perspective and property. Honestly, this collection should gain popularity unlike others. This collection is also answering and meeting all of the above bullet points I had in question.

Are you ready ?

Background idea (Where it all started)

The normal investors look out for buying real shares at a low or lower price than what they will be sold for later. That’s where our profit taking through a better likelihood to sell my NFTs are embedded and such a property feature per NFT is exactly what I was looking for.


While the mines and mining companies have improved the lives of many with great programs in their communities I believe more can be done and achieved. Mines are playing a huge role in the livelihoods of communities.

What would you do if you could?

On the 24th of January 1848 the gold rush in California started bringing about 300 000 prospectors together which ended in 1855. In 1886 the Witwatersrand gold rush was triggered and subsequently established Johannesburg we know today. Early prospectors bought claims of land to mine for gold and they were later bought out by the “big guns” and wealthier guys. 

Young and old scrambled to pack up the basics, to go and live in tents first while working and hoping to find fortune. Some relocated permanently and camps ran out of space while the masses flocked to the discovery sites. Surely many people made massive profits from their early participation then. Turning back time, what would you have done if you were alive then?

Thinking that we lost out on those opportunities in mineral discoveries is perhaps realistic but now, not true. What could I offer today, was my starting goal while we are all living in our comfort zones and if another mining rush was possible? It’s perhaps a controversial answer but in 2022 my revolutionary idea is brought to you at the comfort of your home via the internet. Yes, read that again because that is exactly what I did, working on this idea the last few weeks since December 2021. 

I have applied my entrepreneurial skills and recreated a similar mining rush scenario with the possibility for the ordinary to own a mine in 2022. Believe me, today and with today’s technology there is massive potential in creation. NFTs in 2022 is a gold rush alone, but there will be another mining rush for internet prospectors (entrepreneurs) and investors buying early "claims", or mining "shares" despite being only a property of these NFTs.

You can now safely join the unique 2022 mining rush I created for you which will list this January and the stakes would be massive profits with low risk while everyone can benefit from it, especially the early birds.

Mind you, the historical gold rushes were not for everyone and not everyone saw the potential. It was only some people while the others sat at home and only heard the great stories and successes of others. That’s how it goes, so no pressure guys, the world is connected online and doesn’t depend or wait for anyone.

Onlinesuccessme is offering a mining project in NFTs, it's a little educational if you will, having a created value to be unlocked with a scarcity factor. This should foresee that the value of "shares" in the mine project will rise continuously. It’s going to bring a new meaning to how we think about NFTs and mining for minerals. I believe it’s going to become very popular and very high in demand as the project will gain momentum and popularity to mine its crypto mineral bearing deposit.

The solution:

You are looking at an old picture on the left, of the first prospectors arriving at the discovery site, setting up camp. (click on the picture to enlarge). This is where it started when you discovered some similar pictured NFTs in my collection.

While not much of the deposit was mined historically, merely a scratch on the surface literally, you are finding yourself in the right spot a couple of years later. The disturbed area is nothing in terms of what is possible today with mechanised mining equipment. This crypto mineral bearing deposit is assumed to be extending several hundred metres vertically downwards in a pipe-like formation. You are standing on the future mine.

Now that you are here, this is what would be required from you as a new founder in the mine's ownership:

  • Do more exploration drilling in the area, to establish a resource block model with estimated grades.
  • Do a feasibility study with a profitable NPV calculation and source funds for a startup project.
  • Capital funds are generated usually from loans and also from investors by selling shares in your mine.
  • Resource your mining site with people (HR), mining equipment, offices and workshops and required plants.
  • The block model and mining components are forming part of the mining "shares" to be sold. New levels deeper down the mine as future "shares" in resource blocks will ensure the life of the project is adequately funded and very profitable.

We are now repeating history in 2022 and Onlinesuccessme created a NFT collection where you can actually Own a Mine, parts thereof or have the monopoly in it. Monopoly investors could battle it out before divesting their "shares" at massive profits.

Roadmap    -    How will it work? 

The idea to incorporate “shares” as an NFT property may increase the NFT values and prices while only a limited supply of 375 blocks would be available for surface mining. Mystery boxes as per specific NFTs are among some selected blocks and increase their specific value despite having perhaps a lower grade assigned, so be aware of that. 

Own your “share” in one, many or all of the resource blocks as you will. Each block is unique and evaluated on its own crypto mineral content volume as per its specific location as is displayed in the NFT diagrams. Twenty five blocks per level with several mining benches to be mined are represented as the "first level" (green layer) in the diagram. The block sizes were chosen for simplicity in this project. Each block is 55m deep, 30m wide and 60m long and yes, 25 of them on the first level before dropping downwards into the pit. Participating shareholders ensure an operational mine and mining functions to mine 825m deep as was planned for this mine’s open pit.

Once all the open pit mining resource blocks are minted we will transition from surface mining to underground block cave mining, so take note, there’s more adventurous NFTs to follow up on.

This NFT collection will be mind blowing and unlike any others before it. It’s a first for Onlinesuccessme in NFTs and definitely your opportunity to own a mine as if it was a real mine!

         -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

Having the background and setting explained, the Roadmap for this NFT collection will be listed in the following way:

 OWN  A  MINE :    R  O  A  D  M  A  P    

  1. Pre launch
  2. Listing NFT project
  3. Giveaway - Free NFTs as Marketing campaigns for non-profitable community services 
  4. Contributing towards tertiary study fees for mining related students 
  5. Refine/Repeat: Transitioning to underground mining.

What to expect:

  1. Prospector's tent camp. (Old picture of site)
  2. Exploration drilling to commence, core logging and sampling.
  3. Mining rights application lodged with local authorities to approve the mine's rightful and legal compliance to mine.
  4. Human Capital - HR to fill all required vacancies as a workforce.
  5. Load and haul trucks to haul blasted material to the mills and dumps.
  6. Front end loaders, shovels and drill rigs operating as surface blasting processes at your mine.
  7. Workshops for machine and truck maintenance with offices built.
  8. Plants like mills, concentrator, smelter and refinery built for maximum beneficiation of the final product sold.
  9. The resource block model will be listed per level on Opensea. There are 15 levels with 25 blocks each having intrinsic value from the exploration's valuation and each block represents a thousand "shares" in the mine.
  10. Free NFTs will be given away during the entire mining project as per announced campaign.
  11. Funding a community project per best motivated application during transitioning of the underground project will be announced.
  12. Listing level 2 will consider the average "share price" from blocks in level 1 to ensure an acceptable average selling price per block is maintained, while recognizing the mineral content as block value too. This should drive up the "share price" held by each investor, and secure profits. Listing level 3 should consider the average "share price" from level 1 and 2 with their mineral content. (Still to be tested, but the current idea). Note that Level 1 has more waste stripping required than other levels below it, reducing the initial block prices being lower than the bottom levels i.e. they are initially less profitable blocks (cheaper) than say level 15. (The key idea to increase block selling prices continuously).
  13. Exploration is planned to deepen the mine and to transition from surface mining to underground block cave mining. Shafts and other infrastructure will be required and the underground mine will extend the overall life of mine. This secures the long life of each NFT for the long term as a project in NFTs.
  14. After a successful surface and underground mine, the project should extend into another deepening project for the mine by using declines from the first lift established below the open pit surface mine. (See Own a mine's icon on OpenSea for clarity).
  15. New block models for underground mining would be listed later, and like block cave mining, the underground blocks will be mined inversely from surface mining. Meaning, from the position of Lift 1 upwards to surface since caving as a mining method is used.
  16. The lower elevated blocks mined first in the block cave mine will pay for the tunnelling and infrastructure which was required. Hence the inverse pricing per block would be notable. 

It's a project and a journey recreating a mineral mining rush on the blockchain for everyone to enjoy in the fun, while making profits.

This notable pre-launch summarises ONLINESUCCESSME's NFTs and the adventerous roadmap planned.

WE ARE LISTING OUR INITIAL NFTs to start up this mining project.

Get involved and buckle up everyone!

Johan Bezuidenhout