Our Objectives

Future town NFTs
Future town NFTs


This NFT project is specifically aimed to:

Generate consistent funds to support non profitable community initiatives, programs and organizations and bettering many lives throughout.  

It is a platform for entrepreneurs and investors as NFT hub from our exiting digital products supported by our e-commerce community.

The project provides opportunities to all participants to upgrade from member, to investor, supervisor... and up to VIP and VIP Executive status in the community. Here you can promote yourself and enjoy more benefits on higher rankings.

The NFT items bought and sold are transacted independently by wallet holders, where none is intercepted through Onlinesuccessme. Only a fraction of the transaction is paid to Onlinesuccessme as owner commissions.

A percentage of our profits will be paid back to the "shareholders" as holders of our NFTs with "shares", VIPs after the applied support non-profits. 

Disclaimer: We are not financial advisors and the term "shares" are used only for the practicality of most mines, needing investor funds to start.

Johan Bezuidenhout