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21 Nov 2020

The most relevant issues we face today.

Today I am writing freely about relevant issues we face and which divide us so effectively in society. Needless to say that I am positive in what I will attempt to bring across to the readers that I value.

I will start by mentioning the current divide we have between the haves and have not people. We are so emotionally entangled in this dilemma that it hurts and which is really painful.

Jobs are lost and many are thrown into the streets. However we tend to blame everyone and everything which we also don’t have control over. How we deal with our situations are different and maybe the most critical matter is how we respond.

It’s also difficult to respond to the pain and inferiority it brings. We live in a rapid and instant society and we always wish for quick solutions. This is unfortunately our enemy since we don’t know how to be patient anymore. We like instant food and instant money. There is no 2 minute microwave solution.

Not everyone had the opportunity to learn how to save for something we want and mostly we are impatient. Only the fortunate ones may have been taught the process of patiently saving. Here is my take on saving. We seldom have anything to save and we live hand to mouth. We also don’t care about tomorrow and we will drink away the weekly earnings without fear of what tomorrow may hold.  I myself learned saving very late in my life. This aspect never deserved the attention it required but I was aware of of it. There was also not enough emphasis on this topic from my upbringing or schooling. I guess the benefits were not making sense or the period was always too long for my personal patience. Perhaps you can relate.

The thing is, if you can’t save ten bucks and turn it to a hundred then you will not save a thousand for hundreds of thousands etc. Let that sink in for a moment.

Furthermore the system teaches us to study and find a job. A job is portrayed as the only possible solution to survive and to make a living. You need a business plan and money to startup a business and that it would be successful isn’t guaranteed. Without a job people tend to do crime or do piece work if they can find it.

However the internet has opened up a lot of opportunities and most are still unaware of its potential. With a bit of data it is more possible to make money online than ever before. A lot of scams are also looming to trick you out of your cash so you need to be very careful with which opportunities are legit or not. Where most people have a cellphone the playing field is wide open to the public.

When having the desire and determination there are many ways to get involved. Most people are skeptical and will not risk it either. Reality is that it is possible and many are already successful. I made a choice to pursue this and I am fortunate to have started up my own journey. Patience is key and there’s no getting rich quickly strategies. The potential is beyond my expectations and I will prevail.

On the other hand we experience so much conflict with racism or the land issue at hand. Sadly many will not try it out and many will remain dependent on government grants. However many will be successful long before others since they started earlier. If only this could be taught or discussed openly more awareness could be created. I am sure that a lot of people would take 100 k per month instead of having land to work. This is in my view ultimately the big divide since those who live below the breadline currently will continue doing so out of ignorance that land would turn around their fate. The only other possible idea is not to work the land once they receive it but to sell it for a quick cash price. After the cash is spent then these same people will find themselves back at square one.

Why don’t people instead learn from other in what they do without being jealous or playing the race card. This and especially online money has nothing to do with race but it is open to everyone. If you have a good mentor and the right guidance just be a follower. Do what they do to have what they have and then you will be able to work without any experience online and earn passive income even while you sleep.

Your patience will be tested to the limit of giving up but every person can make it. This form of income isn’t discriminating but it wants you to start and never give up in what you believe in.

What is creating all the pain in the end is the fact that the broken still resist to grab life changing opportunities while others turn out to be making great success. These choices will haunt anyone who still believe in hand outs and dependencies. They will choose to remain ignorant that online success is possible and can provide more than a job or employer can. Soon people will wake up and find themselves the only ones still working shifts for peanuts while others will be living on their own terms and do what they like and love. Perhaps consider not to chase an elusive agenda which politicians wants you to believe. The so called revolution has evaded many before you for decades and it won’t come in the next decade either. Only you can change your destiny.

If you want to grab an opportunity it is possible with even a small startup fee you need to set aside and you can enter this massive market which are open to everyone. It is as simple as contacting us for free guidance on where and how to get started. Set aside your fears and be who you want to be. Act today.

Be blessed.


2 Sep 2020
Silent Secrets Revealed
Silent Secrets Revealed

Silent Secrets Revealed Successfully 

Once happily sitting outside and having a cigarette, spontaneously started off chatting with an unknown colleague to me about life in general. Our conversation took a wild deep turn which I never expected to be so revealing.

I guess I am telling this story for a couple of personal reasons and I wish to tell them all one day. This specific story is pressing me more than the rest because on the radio yesterday I had another shock through my system as I heard the replay of what a lady had gone through. There, right on the radio I was listening to a strong woman and she held her cool but for a while only. Mad at herself saying that she promised herself she wasn’t going to cry but she couldn’t hold back the tears as she revealed her most painful revelation she couldn’t prepare for. This broadcast pressed me to sit tonight and tell you how sorry I am for people who find themselves clenched in the jaws of the sick society we became.

During that morning chat with my newly introduced friend and in my spontaneous conversation everything was cool. I am still happy that I could sit and talk to this guy who looked very decent and nice - I will refer to as “James”. Our conversation pressed James to open up as the good man and farther he became. Everyone can change but it was his choice to change for the better and I told him that I was really happy for his latter choices and decisions he made so boldly.

James found himself back in his hometown and village after being away for a while and where he left to finish high school in another town due to some issues he had then.  So he met up with his old friends and they hanged out locally. He met up with his old best buddy he grew up with since childhood. Somewhere along the time James got himself involved with a very attractive lady who had great interest in him. They occasionally hooked up and she ended up falling in love with him.

James told me that one day she indicated that she was married and he was very surprised and uncomfortable. He was already trying to avoid her but she insisted seeing him. He indicated that he couldn’t do this anymore.

At some stage his laptop gave him trouble and his best friend said that he should stop by his house and bring the laptop over to have a look at it and so James did that. Visiting his friend who was like a brother to him and helping him with his laptop was just another good time they were spending together. Being away for such a long time from his hometown had its toll on him as he lost contact with many and what happened at home. While sitting at his friends’ dining table his friend called his wife to bring them something to drink. James knew his friend got married several years ago but he never really talked about his marriage or wife for that matter. Well guess who brought the drinks with a stumbling entrance into the dining room that day. James saw his friends’ wife for the first time when the wife of his best friend brought in the drinks and nearly dropped everything. James watched her as if the earth should swallow her and neither broke the silence about their relationship they had unknowingly. James said it was the last time he was there as he ate lunch there which she made and where they got “introduced” to one another that day.

James said he never knew he had something going on with his best pal’s wife and he felt so bad about it he is even avoiding to visit or going there at all. Later he had a “real” girlfriend and they fought often. For some stupid reason he then cheated on his girlfriend and the cheat fell pregnant. He did the right thing and told his girlfriend everything and broke up with her to stay with the mother of his first child. The kid was born and he tried everything but sadly things never worked out for him with her. They broke up and separated but he keeps on supporting his first child and also visits the kid there or at his place. James thought back to the love of his life and he went and fought for the lady he once cheated on. Married currently with her and have children with her too while she accepted his first born and his mistakes he made - after some time he could tell.

James and I was still going somewhere with the chat and then he agreed that we as fathers have a big responsibility towards our kids and which became the key point of our discussion. In the same breath he told me his personal story. I actually praised him for being responsible to his first born as it was great to hear him telling me that. “Well done man”, I said but my story to him came back like a boomerang and hit me like - oh this is why we are having this moment of total strangers chatting.

I touched on inferiority and how this poison affects all of us directly or indirectly. This a story for later. James indicated that his personal father left shortly after he was born and he never knew his own dad all his life for a very long time. James made effort and at some point he confronted his mother about his farther. James said that his mom married a good step dad and he had lots of respect for his stepfather who raised him to the best he could.

However, James got haunted by the unknown and desperately needed to get in contact with his real father. He got his number eventually and he was perhaps about 25 years old when he called him up. Full of excuses and perhaps not the outcome he wished for but he felt he had to tell him that he knows as James who he is and how selfishly he denied him as a son. That was settled and then he got in contact with one of his uncles and told him about the call with his dad he had.

Roller coaster ride number 5 going uphill and came racing down for first place in so far I almost fell off the chair I sat on. I don’t think in such a short while I could have been more shocked and sad at the same time. James’ uncle told him about all the journeys he had to several towns as a business man and he ended up with buying from the streets’ corners where the young ladies gathered usually. He became a regular customer to one very attractive lady and he even had her number. Whenever James’ uncle was in that town he checked up with her and always wanted to know if she was available at the time. This went on for more than a year or so.

James said one day his uncle hooked up with her again and said that she got dressed and was about to leave. The lady asked him if he knew Mary from the X-village? He thought for a while and replied “yes”, he knows Mary but asked why? She said that Mary is her mother and she left.

James’s uncle recalled Mary from about 24 years ago which he dated and he just found out he slept with his own daughter the entire time. He was drained from everything he had in himself as the once pregnant Mary which he deserted many years ago had a little girl, now working on the streets because of dropping out from school and a lack of income.

Mary knew her daughter worked on the streets and knew who made her pregnant. What she didn’t know was that when her daughter sought information about her real father what went on but she never denied her the truth or facts. Mary didn’t know that her daughter caught up with her father in such a way. Her daughter wasn’t sure but was desperate to find out from her customer and the only shot she had for the truth was to wait for her departure to reveal the darkest secret of his life in such a way that it took the living blood out of his veins to stall for moments. James said his uncle did reach out to her again to apologize but that was it, and he knew it was because of his absence and negligence which landed his own blood daughter on the street corners for income.

In my car I heard a strong woman cry over the radio as she revealed that she left her husband with nothing. She found out that her husband which was working up in Africa in another country has molested their youngest daughter. Her daughter spoke up eventually and was worried if they would be OK when they leave as they had nothing and literally nowhere to go. The poor child was prepared to stay as she did not see another outcome to be turning out in their favor while leaving. The poor woman called up her elder daughter who already left after school and she indicated that dad molested her since the age of about five years of age. She never told her mom out of the same fears and protecting her mom in her own way and being too scared to handle it. This broadcast of another silent revelation hit me hard and close to where my discussion with James made everything much closer to home. I knew my plight to fight for what I do now in my business has the potential to make people successful online, even if it merely boils down to a told story touching a soul will do exactly that as a massive achievement.

In the midst of silence these secrets revealed themselves in the most unthinkable ways. There may be some books and chapters to close having these dark secrets of real people in a sick society we became. Sometimes it is these secrets which are holding us back in life and we have to look out for them to avoid them. Many times and maybe more than often we see successful people who are in it all for their personal gains and for themselves only. A real true thought is that you cannot be successful in a quicker and simpler way by not tagging your friends along in the process. Success isn’t a secret for the selected few but for everyone who pass us by. 

Success is sharing knowledge, time and effort with those who choose to follow you in what you have already been successful in or by the success you can see yourself achieve therein. Success must not be a silent secret of secrets which you wish to take to the grave with you and no one else must know. That is not what success is and not what we ever wish to do or achieve here. Success must be shared and even great growth or development plus wise decisions will be success for sharing as sharing is caring. How great to share these true stories and proclaim the success it has already achieved and blessings that will flow out of it to enrich the lives of both unsuccessful and successful people. Invaluable moments of  positive and educated conversations money can’t buy.

Be blessed.


1 Sep 2020
Vultures & wolves
Vultures & wolves

When you throw it to the vultures & wolves. 

Sometimes it should never have been told....and here saying it with caution but with one specific meaning in mind. Not for hiding your dark secrets but with whom you share it rather.

Mostly you will find that kids even will pick the parent they feel most comfortable with to open up and share their issues with. This will sometimes even continue way after they left the house. That’s ok and know that you that parent will have to be there for them as always.

However, what gets to anyone is the following which is so commonly occurring. We tend choosing to badmouth our partners especially when they are not around to defend themselves or when we know we wouldn’t have said it in-front of them. Hopefully you can’t relate but maybe recall such an event you experienced.

So where Sandra used to badmouth her husband continuously at her work with her colleagues she never realized what she was doing. Actually she even projected her own mistakes on Charlie and thought she justified herself in such a way that her mistakes looked much smaller than his. Sandra even felt much better every time she did that and note that she told her version of her story, to about every customer she had for the day.

Every time Charlie goes to town with Sandra the community basically looked at them in disbelief and felt pitiful for her since she kept putting up with Charlie.

One day a friend told Charlie and confronted him with what he heard about him from his wife. Charlie was devastated and knew at the time that his partner badmouthed him and understandably he felt being backstabbed.

Charlie never had much options and irrespective of how much he hated Sandra’s acts, begging her to stop, but she continued. Several times this occurred and Charlie was in a very bad situation under these circumstances. It was just unacceptable. 

Well, what would you do if you felt as helpless and hopeless like Charlie? The biggest question is how do you accept it and where do you even start? 

Here are some insights into this story and what is seen as very unfortunate and also unprecedented. Say Sandra really knew what she did, it didn’t serve her well at all. There are literally no wins for anyone or them as a couple. It would have been much better if Sandra shared privately what was within limits, her feelings and unhappiness she experienced with her best friend or where she couldn’t speak to her mother. 

By sharing her heart and feelings plus what happened at home with customers and colleagues wasn’t a good idea at all. Sandra basically threw the relationship to the wolves and vultures. 

Usually you may find many more joining the fray and jumping the band wagon. This only fires up Sandra and promotes her conduct as well. Another wrong with a wrong therein.

Let us now look at Charlie for a second and despite of his own wrongdoing there is a bigger conundrum to be resolved now. Where Sandra could have indicated to Charlie what was bugging her so much, she had a much better chance in dissolving their differences and not the relationship.

So then our question here is literally how to go about even in solving the matter? Let’s face it that if you throw your relationship to the wolves like that, there isn’t much left to recover when the vultures too had their share. So in fact the situation becomes almost irrecoverable from an objective point of view. Charlie would hardly be able to recover the bones from a graveyard he had influenced but couldn’t control.

So even by settling the matter for good it would be difficult to accept that the trust was so sadly broken down so frequently. Therefore it is not a good idea from the word go and anyone who even listens to such a “radio” would be negatively affected. Listeners are no better than the radio station if we think about it.

When you throw it to the wolves and vultures, maybe for all that it matters you don’t have a real desire to reconcile the relationship at all. This is otherwise portrayed as having no Integrity and a key value in relationships, friendships, business partners, customers or clients and companies or brands.

It’s unethical to label a brand or company for what it is not doing. In our various businesses we need to consider these unwelcome acts and conditions daily and fight hard for what we believe in. When we can’t say anything good about someone or something it’s best to keep quiet. People lost their jobs for placing their own companies in disrepute. It becomes almost obsolete to do business from your brand and company you badmouthed before and clients will wonder if you went mad. 

Selling the company to me while you had so much negative to say about it just a couple of days ago? Not doing you or your business any good. Let that sink in...


George Mtileni
Lovely stories
Absolutely True
26 Aug 2020
Joao and Dindim
Joao and Dindim

Never underestimate your influence

We are human and we doubt easily and especially ourselves. What we fear is the unknown and we are resistant to change. When we look around us, a lot of unprecedented changes occurred and forced us into lockdown, wearing masks and caused a lot of uncertainty while we developed a specific fear of what the future holds. 

We don’t know how the future will be for our children and those close to us and a lot of people struggle to make sense of it all in our daily routines. However, we have to be honest with ourselves in a way to convince ourselves that everything will be fine. What we also should do is to ensure that we don’t forget that we should never underestimate the influence that we have in our direct interactions with other people. 

This remains a field of doubting and we become reluctant to understand that we need to make those hard choices to reach our individual dreams. Maybe easier said than done, but important to know and explore this in ensuring we are working towards a better self, circumstance and life as we can influence it ourselves. The amazing story of the Joao and his penguin attracted a lot of attention to the media once it became known that he saved a penguin on an island.

In 2011 Joao Pereira de Souza noticed a penguin on the island Patagonia near Argentina who was alone, in trouble and oil smeared on the beach. He took the penguin to his home nearby, fed and treated it to help save the poor creature. Joao hoped for its recovery and to release it back into the ocean where the penguin belongs and could restart his life from his humble action. After full recovery Joao took the penguin on his boat out to sea, several kilometres from the coast and released the penguin. Joao named the penguin Dindim which means “into freedom” and drove back to the mainland with his boat. Only to find that Dindim followed him back to shore and didn’t want to leave. For the next 11 months a more stronger bond between Joao and Dindim developed as friends initially while Joao claimed that he loves Dindim as one of his own children. Then Dindim decided it was time to leave Patagonia island and pursue his penguin life and normal duties near Brazil, which was a pretty awkward “missing child” experience for Joao. 

What is so amazing about this story is the fact that Dindim came back every year between June and July to say hi and “thanked” his rescuer where Dindim swam about 4000 km alone back from Brazil to Patagonia island in an unexplained act to visit his historical caretaker he once had. This story drew a lot of attention and what is so amazing is that Joao never knew the influence he had on the poor creature to experience these annual visits from Dindim. So whenever we may think that something small may be going unseen, we may not realise the impact of our influence on others. This shared story is encouraging all of us to never underestimate our influence on situations and people. Likewise in networking, the influences and opportunities that we share definitely influence others, and despite our thinking that we sometimes lose the battle in our inability to convince people how great they could become in our networks, we don’t lose the war in the same time.

Thus it is important to make people understand what our opportunities entails, how it works and what exactly are the long term benefits to participate. This page will soon be actioned in doing exactly that, and will bring the audience closer to the highlights of our massive pioneering ability that will change all other online businesses into small talk. More especially when we will discuss our products, product sales, profit sharing in affiliate markets and our most lucrative bonus and payment systems etc. Massive specific organisations will be built within our most advanced technologic and streamlined business tool on participant’s phones which will take anyone from where they are to where they want to be. Kindly note that this wasn’t possible 3 years ago, but today the timing is perfect despite other online business networks before us, since as we are the fastest online marketing business in the world, and everyone should ensure that they don’t miss the opportunity. Many network marketing persons already testified on their previous successful campaigns they had with other companies, but where they find themselves a new limitless home unlike ever before.

Never underestimate your influence, never give up and know that there is nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity.


Johan Bezuidenhout
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