Own a Mine Explained

The Open pit mine

Our project has incorporated “shares” as an NFT property coupled to the NFT's equity value and price while only a limited supply of 375 blocks would be available for surface mining. Mystery boxes as per specific NFTs are among some selected blocks and increasing their specific value despite having perhaps a lower grade assigned, so be aware of that. 

Own your “share” in one, many or all of the resource blocks as you will. Each block is unique and evaluated on its own crypto mineral content volume as per its specific location displayed in the NFT diagrams. Twenty five blocks per level with several mining benches to be mined are represented as the "first level" (green layer) in the diagram. The block sizes were chosen for simplicity in this project. Each block is 55m deep, 30m wide and 60m long and yes, 25 of them on the first level before dropping downwards into the pit. Participating shareholders ensure an operational mine and mining functions to mine 825m deep as was planned for this mine’s open pit.

Once all the open pit mining resource blocks are minted we will transition from surface mining to underground block cave mining, so take note, there’s more adventurous NFTs to follow up on.

This NFT collection will be mind blowing and unlike any others before it. It’s a first for Onlinesuccessme in NFTs and definitely your opportunity to Own a mine as if it was a real mine, and working in it!

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Having the background and setting explained, the Roadmap for this NFT collection will be listed in the following way:

 What to expect from the Own a Mine collection:

A prospector's tent camp. (Old picture of the discovery site).

Exploration drilling to commence, core logging and sampling.

Mining rights application lodged with local authorities to approve the mine's rightful and legal compliance to mine.

Human Capital - HR to fill all required vacancies as a workforce.

Load and haul trucks to haul blasted material to the mills and dumps.

Front end loaders, shovels and drill rigs operating as surface blasting processes at your mine.

Workshops for machine and truck maintenance with offices built.

Plants like mills, concentrator, smelter and refinery built for maximum beneficiation of the final product sold.

The resource block model will be listed per level on Opensea. There are 15 levels with 25 blocks each having intrinsic value from the exploration's valuation and each block represents a thousand "shares" in the mine.

Free NFTs will be given away during the entire mining project as per announced campaign.

Funding a community project per best motivated application during transitioning of the underground project will be announced.

Listing level 2 as Phase 2 Exploration is planned to deepen the mine and to transition from surface mining to underground block cave mining. Shafts and other infrastructure will be required and the underground mine will extend the overall life of mine. This secures the long life of each NFT for the long term as a project in NFTs.

After a successful surface and underground mine, the project will extend into another deepening project for the mine by using declines from the first level established below the open pit surface mine. (See Own a mine's icon on OpenSea for clarity).

Listing Phase 3New block models for underground mining would be listed later, and like block cave mining, the underground blocks will be mined inversely from surface mining. Meaning, from the position of Lift 1 upwards to surface since caving as a mining method is used.

The lower elevated blocks mined first in the block cave mine will pay for the tunnelling and infrastructure which was required. Hence the inverse pricing per block would be notable. 

It's a project and a journey recreating a mineral mining rush on the blockchain for everyone to enjoy in the fun, while making profits.

Buckle up everyone for a pleasant mining experience!

Johan Bezuidenhout